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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers the cost of expenses and bills when a business-owned vehicle is involved in an accident. Commercial auto insurance is required for vehicles used for work purposes in the state of Texas.

Who needs commercial auto insurance in Texas?


A Texas company that uses vehicles for business must have commercial vehicle insurance. Commercial auto insurance is needed whether it is the owner's personal vehicle, or a fleet of business-owned vehicles.

While your personal auto insurance policy covers you while driving to and from work, it does not provide coverage while picking-up supplies, making deliveries, and performing other work-specific uses. A business vehicle policy will cover you, and your personal, vehicle in case you are at fault for an accident while running a work-related errand.

Vehicles that you own solely for work purposes, must have coverage by a commercial auto insurance policy, regardless of the number and type of vehicles that you own.

Why is commercial auto insurance important?


Without commercial auto insurance coverage, your business could be in legal and financial jeopardy. In Texas, any business that owns vehicles, must at least have auto liability insurance.

You can face an expensive lawsuit or settlement if one of your business vehicles is at fault in an accident. You will likely have to pay for damage to the property, the other vehicle, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, plus other related costs.

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