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Image by Vasile Valcan

Commercial Equipment Insurance

We help you select the best commercial equipment insurance policy for your business. Many businesses rely on specialized or common types of equipment to  create products and complete work. If your equipment is not working or is operating poorly, it can affect the quality of your work or stop work completely. It is essential that the equipment that is vital to your business success have insurance protection.

Take a moment to consider if your business can afford to replace equipment if it is stolen, or if critical business machines are damaged by weather emergencies such as tornadoes and floods, or fires. Without insurance coverage, even simple events such as employee error or a  power surge can cause major damage and imperil your business.

Equipment insurance also provides coverage when equipment breaks down. The equipment repair and replacement costs can be covered by the insurance, and also other costs that are involved in getting your business operting again. For instance, computers and electronics are considered equipment that can be covered by the same policy.

A proper commercial equipment policy should cover the loss of business income occurring due to equipment failure. Insurance can cover the cost to replace raw material or spoiled stock that is ruined by an equipment malfunction. Loss of income due to things as indirect as a website going down for an extended time can be covered by equipment insurance or business interruption insurance, if you depend on the site for customer orders.

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