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Community Involvement

Doyle Moss had the privilege of serving in the U.S. Army from 1969 to 1971. It was at the height of the Vietnam War, and he was fortunate to serve his time in the States. Doyle has a great appreciation and admiration for our men and women who serve in our military, and he is proud to be a Veteran.

Linda and Doyle moved back to Texas from Florida in 2006 and purchased an insurance agency in Willow Park. We immediately became involved in the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce.   Doyle served on the East Parker County Chamber Board from 2007 to 2011 and was Chairman of the Board his last year. Doyle was also instrumental in helping start the B2B East Parker Chamber networking luncheon and the Ambassador program for the East Parker County Chamber.

Doyle has had the honor of serving as a Commissioner on the ESD 3 Board in Hudson Oaks from 2010 to 2012. He also served as its Vice-President one year. ESD is an Emergency Services District that provides local emergency services, including emergency medical services, emergency ambulance services, rural fire prevention and control services, and other emergency services authorized by the Texas Legislature.

From 2011 to 2015, Doyle served on the CASA Board of Directors and was President the last couple of years that he served. When a child enters the child welfare system due to allegations of abuse or neglect, a CASA advocate is appointed by a judge to advocate for the child. Linda also served several years on the CASA Board of Directors.

In 2008, we started an annual food drive for the Center of Hope in Parker County in the name of our business. We first started with 500 grocery bags donated from Brookshires and met with area businesses and churches to help fill the bags. We have increased the number of bags each year, and in 2021, we filled almost 3,500 bags of groceries. In 2019, I approached the Mayors of Parker County and asked if they would like to join this effort, and they agreed. It is now known as the Parker County Mayors Food Drive.

In 2013, Doyle, along with a few other business owners in East Parker County, got together and held a meeting to start a BNI (Business Network International) chapter in our area. We recruited the 22 members we needed to charter a chapter, and he served as its first President. The chapter grew to over 50 members and is still going strong today.

In May 2017, Doyle was elected Mayor of Willow Park, Texas. He still serves in this capacity as of today.

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